Recruiting, or talent acquisition, is essentially sales. While sales people only need to sell products and services to potential clients, recruiters are selling companies and opportunities to candidates, candidates to hiring managers, and hiring plans to executives. As the results, they are dealing with the fear of rejection from multiple directions.

A successful recruiter is able to navigate through all potential rejections and bring in the best talent. They are fearless in making cold calls and writing cold emails, asking the right questions, telling candidates that they aren’t a fit while showing compassion, and communicating with hiring managers about the position challenges and updates. Moreover, the best recruiters are master influencers and relationship builders. Being fearless is a crucial skill.

That's why we offer our unique and highly effective training to corporate recruiters in addition to sales professionals. We want to use rejection training to help you bring the best candidates to your organizations in an environment that grows more fierce and competitive for top talent every day.


Keynote Speech

Can a simple story and a talk impact audience's perceptions, performance and even lives? According to employees at Google, LinkedIn and Citi, students from Stanford, Yale and Wharton, and thousands of viewers on YouTube, absolutely! Jia’s talk is powerful, relatable, funny, and engaging. After hearing it, audiences will never see rejection in the same way. 

Moreover, it not only works as a stand-alone session to inspire your team, but it's also a perfect complement for your existing training program. Jia has the ability to come in and elevate the dynamics of an existing programs. 

In October 2015, Jia presented as a keynote speaker at LinkedIn's 2015 Talent Connect Conference in Anaheim, CA. Below you will hear a talk about talent acquisition and rejection that has never been heard before. 


Training seminar

What if in 4 hours, your team can not only learn science-based methods on persuasion, negotiation and fear-minimization, but also have one of the most memorable experiences of their lives? Would it be worth it? What if your recruiters will not only be able to take rejections, but be able to give rejections to people without feeling like jerks and actually elevate your brand at the same time?

Our rejection training seminar not only delivers both knowledge and experience, but guarantees that your team will love and appreciate you for making this training possible. Why are we so confident? As we run our seminar for employees at Fortune 500 companies, or attendees at conferences with thousands of people, or future leaders learning at world class universities, we consistently receive 95+/100 in ratings. We’ve seen attitudes altered, performances improved and lives changed. We haven't had a single person say they regret being there.