Our founder, Jia Jiang aka the Wuju Dragon, is a TED speaker and a best-selling author. And he has repeat customers at large conferences, Fortune 500 companies and major universities around the world.

Jia’s talk resonates with people because it connects with our common fears. Out of his encounters came clear life lessons for the entrepreneur and the professional alike: Rejection - and its darkest shadow, the fear of rejection - can be overcome and even celebrated.

What also makes Jia unique and extremely effective is the way he teaches. Instead of pushing concepts down to the audience, he relates with them using humor and authenticity. He pulls the audience into his own stories and lets them apply the lessons themselves. Often after hearing Jia's talk, people talk about having a life-changing experience, and their relationship with rejection and failure are forever changed.


Jia Jiang knows first-hand how the fear of rejection can hold us back. Our natural tendency to avoid it at all costs can be detrimental to our business, our careers, our lives. Determined to change that, Jia takes us down a path where rejection, instead of being avoided, is deliberately and actively sought. He asks complete strangers questions like, “Can I borrow $100? Can I speak over your store’s intercom? Can you ship this package to Santa Claus?” The answers will surprise you and teach you something that you have never thought about before. And they will also help you to unleash your potential and become powerful and fearless in your own profession.