"A righteous man is worriless, a wise man is doubtless, but only a true warrior is Wuju (fearless)"  - Confucius


Who we are

‘Wuju’ means ‘fearless’ in ancient Chinese and describes the philosophy and way of life of a true warrior.

We are a company that combines the philosophy of 'Wuju' and the science of rejection to train organizations to become fearless. Enter here to learn more about our story.

Our story

What we do

The fear of rejection is one of the top fears for people in sales, innovation and recruiting. It holds them back from closing deals, communicating new ideas, and finding the best talent.

Our methods help our clients turn rejection on its head, inspire them to embrace and even look for rejection, and teach them to turn rejections into opportunities. From Fortune 500 companies like Google and HP, to world-class universities such as Stanford and Yale, to small to medium-sized organizations of all kinds, we use our methodology to train people to be fearless, so they can sell more, think bigger and achieve higher. 

Sales Training

The fear of rejection is the #1 fear for sales professionals. We tackle it head on to improve their confidence and performance, empowering them to do amazing things.

Recruiter Training

Recruiting is sales. It's about selling opportunities to candidates, and candidates to hiring managers. We teach recruiters to recruit fearlessly and find the best candidates.

How we serve


Our founder Jia Jiang is a popular speaker and a best selling author. He talks about rejection in a way that no one else in the world is able to: through his own unique story as well as with scientific research. His TEDx talk is one of the most popular of all time, and he has spoken at major conferences, companies and universities around the world. His talk is inspiring, funny and memorable. It is the perfect complement for any existing training program.


We conduct cutting-edge training seminars to teach rejection-proof principles and facilitate real-world rejection-seeking exercises to help attendees internalize fearlessness. It offers the trainees a combination of laughter, tears, surprise and exhilaration. By the end of the seminar, people leave with an experience that they never thought was possible, and a belief that they can take on anything in the world.

We customize the seminars (two-hour to half-day) for you depending on the goal of your training, the size of your audience and the timeframe of your requirement.


Where we delivered

What clients are saying

We heard a great talk today. It was funny, inspiring. I hope you can hear him talk too.
— Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos
Jia’s talk about rejection was amazing! I had chills and tears, my fave kind of talk!
— Nancy Duarte, CEO, Duarte Design
We enjoyed having Jia present to our company! His presentation was personal, entertaining, engaging and everyone left with an important lesson learned. It’s rare to find a guest speaker that truly connects with each person in the room and leaves a lasting impact.
— Robert Alvarez, CFO, Bigcommerce
Jia’s passion, energy, and willingness to share personal examples of both fearing rejection and overcoming that fear encouraged us all to step outside our comfort zones and adjust the way we think about and interact with the world around us.
— Sandra Torrey, Assistant Vice President of Training Design, Citi